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«Bright, energetic painting, full of unusual strokes and bold contrasts. Her works give a lot of things to imagination, enable the viewer to get away from the ordinary and rush for fantasy.

The works of Dasha Lobeeva push me to new ideas and compositions, refresh the perception of the environment.

Dasha is a wonderful artist, I highly recommend her!»

Andrey Bagryansky
Photographer, portrait photographer, Moscow.

«Dasha's paintings are good. Because frank. She is not shy to talk about her attitude. You look at her paintings and believe. Because even a child understands that these are not finger paintings, but seppuku - such a suicide. So what, that in the picture there are no pens, no legs, no eye. Here are the bloodthirsts, here is the back, and behind all this there is a whole tragic story.

More pictures are good, because with humor. Captain «Obvious» for example. Or « Fleeting in time: figures of happy people in jets of colorful rain ». Cheerfully and joyfully.

The cycle "Items" I did not quite understand. Probably because I don’t really like things. I like intangible categories more. So Dasha is so - intangible, soaring. Up and into the future. So I feel it».

Den Stolz
Artist, Moscow.

Dasha Lobeeva

Journalist, Artist

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