Presentation of the official web-site artist Dasha Lobeeva was held in Moscow

В Москве прошла презентация официального сайта художника Даши Лобеевой

Presentation of the official web-site perspective conceptual artist Dasha Lobeeva was held in Moscow at 30 of July.

On page of the web-site you can find information about artist, her paintings and installations.

«Bright, energetic painting, full of unusual strokes and bold contrasts. Her works give a lot of things to imagination, enable the viewer to get away from the ordinary and rush for fantasy», - said famous photographer from Moscow Andrei Bagryansky about Dasha Lobeeva.

«Combination №1»

Of course, the event pleased the young and perspective conceptual artist Dasha Lobeeva.

«Up to a certain point, I do not seek publicity. My work - this, sorry for the tautology - was only my work, more need for the soul, self-expression, the need for my existence. But, since it so happened that they convinced me to publish all this, then let there be a website.

«... to another reality. «Break!» No more ...»

I decided for myself - for me this site is not only a presentation, but, above all, the opportunity to get feedback. And this is the main thing in this event. Although the event itself, the presentation itself is, I will not hide, is also very nice», - said Dasha Lobeeva.

«Captain «Obvious». A pattern interrupt»

According to other participants of the event, the start of a new project - the opening of the official website of the artist Dasha Lobeeva - is a new stage in her creative way, a new incentive for creativity.

«We look forward to new works from Dasha Lobeeva», - the audience noted.