About «Multivariance» in my works (taken from the internet)

Про «Многовариантность» в моих работах (взято с просторов интернета)

I suggest to get to know with a Dasha Lobeeva’s new concept. Dasha Lobeeva worked, thought, worried and created it within 6 months.

For example, «Black, Orange and blue» cycle. «Blue and yellow dogs». «Ocean». «Burning rainforest». «Skulls». Dasha Lobeeva calles it «Multivariance».

What is it? It is fasteners and foam board, drawing on cotton fabric. The fabric cotton attaches to the foam board with thumbtacks.

«Multivariance» is a viewer and the artist collaboration. Cycle owner can change the order of pictures, hang their front or back side. He can do anything with those works. «Multivariance» is a fresh and new always.

Briefly about the concept: our life is an art from birth to death.

«Multivariance» on the example of a cycle «Black, orange and blue». The main view (side «A»):

«Black, Orange, and Blue» cycle

View of the cycle, where the left picture «Blue and yellow dogs» is hung on the back side («B»):

«Black, Orange, and Blue» cycle (side «B»)

Another variant for placing paintings:

«Black, Orange, and Blue» cycle

The «Ocean». Some experiments. Side «A»:

«Ocean» (side «A»)

The «Ocean». Some experiments. Side «B»:

«Ocean» (side «B»)

The «Ocean». Some experiments. Another option:


The «Ocean». Some experiments. Another option:


For example, another work of the cycle «Black, orange and blue» - «Burning rainforest» (side «A»):

«Burning rainforest» (side «A»)

«Burning rainforest». Side «B»:

«Burning rainforest» (side «B»)

Dasha Lobeeva's has another multivariance works. For example, «The Seasons». This cycle hasn’t similar things with «Black, orange and blue» cycle.