... how do I work?

…как я работаю?

At first I just drew, photographed, created - and I felt good. And I did not think about in which direction I work, to which current I belong, with what clever and complex terms all this is described by experts. Later, after reading a lot of texts and books on the topic, I decided that conceptualism is closest to me. For me, too, a thought, an idea is the main thing, and beauty and esthetics are quite secondary.

I still adhere to this principle, both in painting and in photography. But - still, the main thing for me is not theory, but my work, the way I see it, I feel. If experts and great theoreticians from art decide that my work is not conceptualism, but abstract expressionism, or something else unknown, I will not be very upset.

... as a rule, I do a series of works. A certain line of thoughts. This can be 4 paintings or 5-6 photographs, objects - works that have one solid idea. I also exhibit and sell my works almost always as a series, because, almost always separately from each other, they have no meaning or value to me - the line is cut off, the «whole image» no longer exists. But there are exceptions.

In my work I prefer simple and inexpensive materials. It can be ordinary IKEA cardboard, simple passe-partout and frames from there, the most inexpensive canvases, old Italian cotton sheets, empty packing boxes ... «It's the thought that counts» - , they say in Russia. Here is the very case: not the cost of the material, but the content.

... and, of course, «the perception of a work, painting, or installation is subjective» (c). I like what I do. Both the process and the result. What I do not like is simply destroyed, does not go beyond the workshop / me. Otherwise, it makes no sense. And this is the main thing: I do what I like, what I enjoy. And I don’t depend on anyone for that.

That's fine, no?