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Dasha Lobeeva

«It began with the knowledge and awareness of what the Dadaists, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Yanko, Max Ernst did. Then there was a fascination with expressionism. Abstract expressionism. Suddenly - very much hooked on what Lucho Fontana was doing. Then there was a period of passion for the work of Marcel Duchamp, then - Joseph Kossuth, Hans Haake. And off we go!»

And then «I realized that I myself must do something in this spirit. Otherwise ... yes, God knows that "otherwise" ... it just became vital to me. Like an air».


About me

Dasha Lobeeva was born in 1991 in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia.

She graduated from the university with a degree in public relations. She worked as a journalist, editor-in-chief in the media.

She was interested in painting at school, but for the first time she picked up a brush and began to paint 4 years ago. Later began to work with photography. Some of the works of the young conceptual artist have already been presented at exhibitions.

Dasha Lobeeva spends her free time traveling around the world, studying painting in the best museums in Europe. He also loves literature, photography and cinema. He is the author of ideas for the production of a number of Russian Web series.

Currently lives and works in Moscow.

... how do I work?

At first I just drew, photographed, created - and I felt good. And I did not think about in which direction I work, to which current I belong, with what clever and complex terms all this is described by experts. Later, after reading a lot of texts and books on the topic, I decided that conceptualism is closest to me. For me, too, a thought, an idea is the main thing, and beauty and esthetics are quite secondary.

I still adhere to this principle, both in painting and in photography. But - still, the main thing for me is not theory, but my work, the way I see it, I feel.


Dasha Lobeeva

Journalist, Artist

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